Black Friday

Dearly Beloved, Grace and peace to you.

Today is the biggest shopping day, but Sunday is the beginning of Advent.

On Black Friday when merchants go into the black,       go into the black.

Enter the mystery.       Wait for what you do not know. While others are checking off items on their lists       chuck out your list.

While others are shopping,       wait to receive. While others seek satisfaction       seek patience.

While others join the rush       join the stillness. While others fill their carts       empty your heart.

While others take advantage of a limited supply       know that an infinite grace is prepared for you, that what is promised you       can't be taken away from you,

and that what you are given infinitely       you can infinitely give. Find peace not in finding, but in waiting,       and befriend not knowing.

Imagine that you will receive       what you can't expect. Believe that what you've always wanted       you've never imagined.

Go into the black, and wait there       for the dawn, for the angel,       for the child. In the black, in the silent mystery       is the holy.

Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve ______________________ Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light