Psalm 32

Blessing! You have forgiven me My sin you have washed away. You find nothing wrong with me. What lives in my soul is true.

When I was not honest about my sin it ate at me. My body bore its weight all day. It sapped my strength like a hot, humid day.

When I was honest with myself, and stopped trying to fit the old of a “good person,”

when I gave you my real self, just as I am you forgave me! You forgave me!

So when we want our lives to be blessing we attend to you. In you there is no distress: even rushing floodwaters can’t reach us.

You are my safe place: you stand between me and trouble; you put your arms around me You show me the way of Life; you guide me from within.

I can act like a hungry animal, a stubborn mule, all muscle and instinct with no intent. But living from one pang to another only begets more pangs.

While trusting in you, I am bathed in steadfast love. We are glad in you God! We rejoice!

We who love you sing for joy!

Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve


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