The Ten Vows

Dearly Beloved, Grace and Peace to you.                     Worship          Holy One, you who set me free,          I have no love deeper than you,          nor is there one I turn to instead of you.

Wonder          Knowing that you are mystery,          I hold all my understandings of you lightly,          lest they become more real to me than you.

Humility          I love you and will not use you:          I will not attempt to to claim your power          or use my relationship with you to my advantage.

Presence          In time's rhythms, I practice presence in the moment,          trusting in your grace alone,          and resting at times, content in being, not doing.

Gratitude          Shaped by a community of faith,          I honor all those who have gone ahead of me          creating a path of blessing that I may follow.

Compassion          I extend kindness and compassion to all living beings          and will do nothing to diminish          the life or well-being of another.

Faithfulness          Grateful for your covenant of steadfast love,          I will live in faithful relationships with all,          and honor those who trust in me.

Generosity          Knowing all I have is yours, I give freely;          I will not take or keep unjustly from others,          or satisfy myself at another's expense.

Honesty          I will speak the truth in love,          humbly honoring and respecting others,          and speaking of them only as their belovedness warrants.

Simplicity          I release myself from my desires,          from the illusion that I want what others have,          and instead find delight in what is.

Amen.                     Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

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