For the gift of life

Dearly Beloved, Grace and Peace to you.                              What are human beings that you are mindful of them,          mortals that you care for them?                   — Psalm 8. 4                     For the gift of life, O Giver of Life, to breathe, to grow, to see, to love, to be loved —ah, miracle, to be loved!— I thank you. For who I have become, mystery of lessons learned and gifts unearned, this puzzling, dazzling masterpiece of you in me unfolding, this blessing, this gift of myself, and for who I yet may become, I thank you. For the turning of the days in wonder and gracious abundance, each given freely, bountifully, each bearing in its arms more gifts; for the invitation to come again one more time around the sun, to keep old paths clear by walking them and to make new ones in new places, I thank you. For love that abides years and distances, for friends that grow old and stay near, for the gift of continually becoming, I thank you. And for all that is to come this day, and this year and the next, I thank you, you who are the Gift of life. I thank you. I trust your blessing. I light a candle for you. For myself, your gift, I dare cry Alleluia! This day is my joyful prayer. my life my reverent thanks.

                    Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

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