A spirit came

Dearly Beloved, Grace and Peace to you.


A spirit came, adorned in white, with flowers of spring, in rising light, and laid a hand upon my breast, and said, “’Tis you, among the rest, I love. And as each moment slips away your name is on my lips. Each breath you take, and then release, I breathe, until such breathing cease. And though you do not see me here, I hold your heart. I’m always near.” So deeply known, and loved, I fell in love, and yet I could not tell how such a lovely stranger might have come to know my day and night, my soul, the heart and boundaries of all my life. Then gently these and all my questions, with a smile the spirit interrupted, while embracing me, intent and grave and ardent, and then gently gave me such a look of tender calm, and traced a line across my palm, and, wreathed in silence, breathing peace, said, “Truly, I will not release my claim upon you, precious child, ‘till you are finally reconciled with my low, patient, humble way— no, not until your dying day. I give you nothing, but enfold your hands in mine so that you hold me always, and you always know that I hold you, ‘till you let go. I will be with you, always near, ‘till you, like I, shall disappear.” The spirit placed an airy ring upon my finger, promising, “To you, my love, I will be true, and some day I'll come back for you. So watch, each moment, and attend. It won’t be long; the path will end.” The spirit gave a garland made of flowers (that would quickly fade), and touched my forehead with a prayer and left me, trembling, standing there— and yet, I vow, did not depart, but lives here still within my heart. Now every time I sigh, or sleep, or sit in silence, close and deep, I see the shadow of my friend who is my path, and is my end, and give and take, with every breath, the gift that is my life, and death. And all things change, and all things die; each moment passes, as do I. I die to all but this brief day ‘till I myself have gone that way.


Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

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