God's Absolute

Dearly Beloved, Grace and Peace to you.                     "Blessed are the poor in spirit,          for theirs is the realm of heaven.”                   — Matthew 5.3

It is this simple: God's immutable, supreme, unconditional law          is not the law of deserving,                   the law of punishment and reward—                            but the law of grace.

It is God's Absolute:          more constant than the speed of light,                   the force of gravity or the passage of time. God brings light out of darkness,          life out of death,                   people out of slavery. God overwhelms sin with forgiveness,          turns mourning into dancing                   and loss into victory.

There is only One Thing, and it is grace.          God's holy blessing, glory and loveliness                   throb at the heart of all things. It is not perceptible to rational thought          or common sense;                   it follows no human rule or expectation; and nothing—not time or space,          suffering or evil, sin or death—                   can diminish its power, alter its course                            or determine who receives it.

The more deeply you trust this,          the more readily you see                   this rough and shabby world as a seed coating,          as a tomb soon to be emptied,                   a child to be loved.

The more deeply you trust this          the more madly you love,                   the more courageously you sing, the more hopefully you kneel          before God's hurting ones                   and stand before the world's mighty ones;

the more freely you pour yourself out          like a waterfall of God,                   knowing even your grave is a gate;

the more grateful you are to live in mystery          and, in perfect humility,                   burn with the light of heaven.

                    Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

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