Psalm 4

Dearly Beloved, Grace and Peace to you.        

            Psalm 4

O Love, you believe so surely in me!          You hear my soul, my silences. When I have been hemmed in,          you have set me free. Hold me in your smiling gaze and hear,          what I haven't spoken even to myself.

How long will I lose myself          in other people's lies and delusions? Holy One, I trust that you gather all to yourself;          gather me now, gently.

When troubles disturb the pond's surface,          the depths need not stir. I will not find peace or truth in worry          but in silence. Love, I trust in you;          Holy One, I offer myself to you.

Some clamor for obvious signs,          for God's face to look like their wishes. But it couldn't be any clearer:          your joy that blossoms in my heart is more real than all their successes.          Your face is my sun.

I can relax. I can even lie down.          I can close my eyes in peace and sleep. O Devoted Presence, you alone          let me release myself into you.

                    Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

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