The tenth day

Dearly Beloved, Grace and peace to you.

          On the tenth day of Christmas...

Seriously? We've finished the last of the leftovers and trundled the decorations back up into the attic, trees languish by the curbside, the stores are selling Valentines, and we're still singing of Christmas? And there's two more days to go?

This is the real miracle: not that there was a lovely night long ago, but that the Beloved is here, in this time and place, here for the long haul, here for the boring days, the overburdened schedule, the conflicts at work, here with unflagging wonder and mystery, here with stars shining and new birth happening, even in the disappointed kitchen, the tense bedroom the line at the store, the break room, the gas station. Even as our moods falter and our attention flags, God's joy is undiminished. Even on this ordinary, un-holy day the Holy One is present, the air is electric, angles are singing. Listen.

Deep blessings, Pastor Steve

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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