A prayer for presence

Dearly Beloved,  Grace and Peace to you.     Holy One, Intimate Presence, Perfect Love,   you are with me now in my waking, in my awareness, in my breath.   You are present in this day, and will be present in all things, each moment, each occurrence.   I do not ask that you shield me but that you be with me, and that I be present to you.   You will be in the secret beauties, in the puzzles and frustrations, in the empty boring passages.   You will be in light and shadow, pleasure and pain, answer and question, invitation and rebuff.   You will be in my safety and in my risk, in my triumphs and defeats, in my breath and in my flesh.   Your Holy Presence will be in strangers, in voices and silences, clarity and mystery.   You will be looking gently upon me with blessing, deep into my eyes, and looking out through my eyes.   I pray that I may be mindful of your presence, and listen for your voice, and act in harmony with your grace.   I pray as I live, in the power of your Spirit, in the mystery of your creating, and in the company of your Christ.   Amen.       Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve     _____________________________  Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light www.unfoldinglight.net