Taking up my cross

                   “Take up your cross and follow me.”                   —Mark 8.34

Jesus, you suffered for the sake of love;          help me to love at all cost.

Though we wronged you, you offered forgiveness;          give me your heart of forgiveness.

You met hate and untruth with gentleness;          give me humility and patience.

You suffered without retaliation or bitterness;          lead me in the way of nonviolence.

You were rejected and condemned;          help me find my place among the outcast.

You bore God's presence into our darkest places;          fill me with your Spirit that I amy do the same.

You were imprisoned and beaten;          help me to love those who are so treated.

You bought grace and even paradise to a fellow victim;          help me to join the communion of those who suffer.

You entered the deep wound of the world with healing;          help me bear your Spirit of peace into the world.

You judged power, violence and empire with love;          help me to live and work for justice.

You made a weapon of oppression an occasion for grace;          help me work with you for the redemption of the world.

You entrusted yourself to the grace of God;          give me faith.

You entered your death with hope;          give me peace.

Help me, Beloved,          take up my cross and follow you.          


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light www.unfoldinglight.net

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