Psalm 30

Dearly Beloved, Grace and Peace to you.

Psalm 30

I praise you joyfully, Holy One, for you held me gently and firmly and no one could take me from your arms.

In fear my heart whispered your name and you whispered mine, remaking me. You salvaged me from my hopelessness, hauled me right out of the dump.

(You who love the Breather of Life, sing her praise, and give thanks to her holy Presence!)

In little moments you press against me, but over a lifetime you hold me in love. I pass through an evening of weeping in a season of joy.

In comfort I said, “No worry. I’m immovable—” forgetting it was you who held me up. Then you hid for a moment and suddenly I was lost.

Oh, then I begged on my desperate knees. Before you I was a baby: “Do you really want to lose this one? Will my shadow look better without me? Will the empty place I leave speak well of you? Listen to me and be gentle! Seriously, God, I need you!”

Strange, how you turn my tears of sorrow always to tears of joy, how this cloak of despair I wear you reweave into a robe of splendor.

O Life, O Holy Presence, my soul is not mute but sings your praise. To you, the One, the Here and Now, my life is my thanks, forever.

Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

_______________________________ Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes