Psalm 4

O Love, when I cry out in silence,          you are the One Who Hears. Between the rock and the hard place,          you give me room.

I have carried the stone of shame too far,          as if opinions could give me life,          as if human judgment is not a lie. But you, Beloved, hold me close,          and know who I truly am. When I am disturbed I am still yours.          I soak in this grace, silent,          letting it seep into me.

I surrender everything to your love.          Help me to trust this with my life. I ignore the cynics who don't see          your blessing in everything,          your face beaming at me. You are a gushing spring of joy in me,          my jackpot, my victory dance.

In your peace I can stop. I let go.          I lie down. In your peace I can sleep.          I am safe. I am yours.          


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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