Christ, though godly,                   did not cling to divine status,          but in complete self-emptying                   accepted the life of a slave,                   a humble human,                   vulnerable and mortal,                   subservient even to death on a cross.                            —Philippians 2.6-8

Gentle God, your Jesus faced profound evil and confronted injustice and violence not with great force, but with humility, powerlessness and love. Give me the Spirit to live as Christ, the heart to love, the courage to forgive, the trust to surrender my light to this world, asking nothing in return. I abandon all entitlement. I empty myself of all willfulness and seek your willingness alone. Make me a servant of your grace. Give me the deep humility to serve, not to get my way, to bless, not to win, to love, only to love. I pray in the name and the humble spirit and the encouraging presence of Christ. Amen.


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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