Cast me not away from your presence,          and take not your Spirit from me.                   —Psalm 51.11

         I pray: God, it is I who cast myself away. Call to me. Don't be so quiet and patient with me; I am dense. Shout. Draw me with irresistible forces. Bring me home by means of earthquakes and strong winds. Do not ask me to come home: break my resistance. Capture me. Pick me up like Dorothy in the tornado. Overthrow me. Claim me.

I know you claim me and accept me and serve me. The only question is whether I will accept you, and serve you. The hard thing about faith is always questioning my own faithfulness.

         And you answer: I will not force you. You are already overwhelmed. You are already home.

You are here.

Beloved, here.


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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