Psalm 51

A paraphrase

Be gentle with me, O God,          hold me in your constant love. With your abundant mercy          free me from my sins. Wash away the grime          that covers your image in me. I know I don't live the life you give me;          you know the difference. My love is not perfect;          this you see.

But you lead me to live in harmony          with my inner truth, to be transparent          to your presence within me.

Purge me with your love,          that I may be pure love. Fill me,          that I may be pure light.

Deep within me, in your light,           I discover joy, gratitude even for bones broken          to be reset. When you look at me you don't see sins;          you see love.

Create me all over again, O God;          breathe your life-giving breath in me. Hold me close          and give me your loving spirit. You are the joy that sustains me;          you give me my willing heart. O Beloved, when I open my lips,          my mouth will sing praise, only praise.

I can't offer a thing to please you,          can't determine your love for me. What delights you is just me,          this broken heart,          this true, simple heart. Use me as I am to love the world.          That will be gift enough for both of us.


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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