But if it dies

                Unless a grain of wheat                   falls into the earth and dies,          it remains just a single grain;                   but if it dies, it bears much fruit.                            —John 12.24

          This is faith in resurrection, not some speculation on the future, but the trust to die in love.

Why be afraid to give myself away when You have come and died in my arms and now live more vividly than before?

You have poured out yourself like drink and only afterwards did I realize how I was feasting.

Why be afraid to disappear into love? Why not be nothing but love, and so only life?

To get over my self-clinging and become a seed in the hand of God, be flung, be burst, become the opened grave from whom the tender stalk of Christ emerges and grows and becomes me, new.

To be a gift that is not returned, light that sinks into a stone heart, a luscious taste on the tongue of the world.


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