Thanks giving

God, I thank you.         For this day, freshly created, I thank you. For the sun, faithfully burning, for gravity that keeps on working, for the earth that holds me so securely and feeds me so abundantly, I thank you.                    For all my ancestors, who saved my life millions of times, for all the love that has shaped and blessed me, fort hose who bless me without my ever knowing for this body, this whole universe of miracles that live inside me, I thank you.

For every moment, the unfolding of your grace, for every day, a gift beyond measure, for every person, a work of your love, I thank you.

For all my troubles, in which you meet me, for grief and pain, which keep my heart alive, for all loss and abasement, that move me closer to you, I thank you, for they, too, are gifts.

May my heart be alive with gratitude, with your deep, deep “yes,” with your new-making hope, with trust that everything is a gift because you are in it, everything is a gift, and I thank you.

______________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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