Holy One

. Dearly Beloved,

Grace and Peace to you.


Holy One, you are the softening of the dark before the dawn, you are my dawn, my light, my day, my sight.

Divine Presence, you are the thickness of things, the substance of flesh, the heft of tools, the palpable earth, my weight, my gravity. Living Love, you are all movement, all flowing of breath and time, of death and love and scent and thought, my blood and its lifelong river pouring.

O Unseen Opening, you are all wanting, all thirst, receiving, breathing in, my hope.

O Mystery, you are all emptiness, silence, darkness and night, my breathing out, my death, and all I will become within you.

O Being you are holy, and I bow to you in constant, humble joy.

Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve


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