Spare me

         Lord, spare me from the comfort         that would sedate me, from the certainty         that would dull me, from the beauty         that would blind me to injustice, from the peace         that would hide the world's grief from me, from the security         that would frighten me from the edge of you.

Grant me the blessing         to be unfinished, discomforted, unknowing, to be homesick in this world         for the one within it, to ache for your little ones,         to grieve with the Beloved, to be powerless for your grace,         to empty myself into your heart.

Lord, spare me from my wishes,         that I may be free for you. Spare me from my little self,         that I may be my divine self. Spare me from my life, that, dying,         I may become yours.


______________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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