Psalm 14

Some people are oblivious          to the Love in everything. There's no center to their lives.          They can't imagine real goodness. The Beloved looks out at the world          from inside them, knows what they are searching for,          recognizes their hunger for her.

When we're so cut off          we're nothing but hurtful. We can't create love or beauty from there;          we can't even do a kind thing.

Our desperate grasping blindfolds us.          We have no idea we're eating people,          calmly consuming our happy meals. We are deaf to the voice inside          crying out to God,          living in hard little shells of fear.

But the Beloved is with us,          and those who are in love know it. The poor, who find their way blocked,          can't be held back from the Holy One.

Ah, the day is coming          when we fall back in love with God—          how amazing, our good fortune! When we open our eyes to that,          well, what else could deep joy be?          


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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