A prayer for Mandela

                                       God of life, for a brother of our peace,          walking on the edge of life, we hold open our hearts.

For a father of our hope,          standing at the heart of life, we raise our heads.

To all those whose longing          looks so much like him, we extend our hands.

For the world we have seen in him          rising in us no less mightily we stand.

All whose gifts are yet imprisoned,          whose lives are not yet freed, we remember, and we embrace.

The courage you gave him lives in us;          our gratitude for him unites us, one love, one Spirit.

What he has accomplished is in our hands;          what he has not yet accomplished is in our hands.

God of mercy, God of justice, Gentle One,          Our Mighty Hope, you who forgive and transform and smile,

in his honor give us vision,          in his will give us a future, in his spirit give us ourselves.



__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light www.unfoldinglight.net

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