Psalm for the homeless

                    Praise be to you, O homeless God,          for every path is your dwelling; in this universe you have fashioned          there is no place where you do not rest.

Praise be to you, whose place has been taken,          for you give your place to the poor. To those who have no home          you grant a place in your heart.

Blessed are you, for you hold tenderly          those whom others scorn; and those who are passed by without notice          you know by name.

Those who are without shelter          you hold in your heart, you honor them whom we judge,          and you cherish their children.

For refugees and runaways          you are their only safety. You accompany them faithfully;          and with them you search for belonging.

In your grace may all who are destitute          find mercy and courage; may they know their belovedness,          and their belonging in this world.

We confess our kinship with them,          for we all rely on your mercy. Our only home is in you,          and our only belonging is with each other.

O homeless God, you cry for justice,          that we may make this world a welcome home, that we who find shelter in your grace          may make room for your beloved ones.

For it is you who seek a home among us          in our sisters and brothers, it is you. It is our own wholeness that they seek,          that your human family may be one.

O unsheltered God, may the home that you find           be ours. We open our hearts to you,          we open our laws and our powers to you.

Have mercy on us,          for our family is asunder; we have cast out our sisters and brothers          and they want to come back home.

May we know your mercy          as those who rely on the mercy of others. May we open ourselves to others          as you have to us.

Praise be to you, for your hospitality is deep,          for in you we are, all of us, home. Praise! For by your grace we shall dwell          in the house of the Lord forever.


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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