Psalm 32

         How joyful I am, Beloved,          that you forgive my betrayals,          you erase my sins. How joyful, Beloved, that I am          good enough for you! You have burned away from me          what is not me.

When I repressed what I knew          it festered in my flesh. Something in me wept all day;          morning till night I felt the weight of the truth;          I was shriveled and dry.                                              (Hm.) Then I got honest with you          instead of trying to pretend. I said, “Here I am. This is the real me.”          —And you accepted me just so!                                              (Hm.)

So we open our hearts to you. Even in a tidal wave of chaos          the raging water can't reach us You are a safe place to hide,          always between us and trouble Setting us free, you come at us with open arms,          with happy shouts of welcome.                                              (Hm.)

You say, “I will show you a way for your life.          I will whisper to you from within. Don't be like a stubborn mule,          so sure you know right, who has to be led with a bridle          to keep from wandering off.”

Our selfishness only makes trouble for us.          But trust in the Holy One,          and we're surrounded by faithful love. O, Beloved, how joyful we are who love you!          How the trusting find nothing but delight!

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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