My Beloved, in whom I am well pleased


You are my child: my Beloved,          in whom I am well pleased. My delight is in you, in your very being,          not in what you have done, or how well. That I create you breath by breath is my joy;          that you live gives me pleasure.

Today I have decreed healing for you,          and blessing in body and soul. You belong to the grace of my hand,          the wholeness of which I fashion Creation.

All that robs life in you I wipe away;          all that dims your beauty          I wash away in a flood of glory. All that you have done that is hurtful          is gone in the river of healing. All shame and fear I carry away          in the unrelenting current of grace. All that is death in you I destroy;          I drown it in life everlasting.

Your being sings with the power          with which I made you. Your breath is my Spirit;          your life is my glory. I give you my own sacred energy,          to be blessing and beauty, to shine with my love          and the the victory of mercy, the infinity of my delight          and the death of death. I make you my river, my dawn,          and I give you life that no one can take or diminish,          that nothing can stop. You are my Love forever.          Go, then, and love, forever.

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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