Psalm 34. 1-8

Beloved, my heart pours into yours,          and every word I say is your praise. You are the song, and I am your singing.          You are the hope of a heart stripped bare. Our lives are a love song to you;          our love is your glory let loose.

I opened myself to you          and you received me.          You came between me and my fear. I wonder, with grateful awareness:          how you radiate in me! Mindful of you,          I am free from shame.

My smallest voice cried out          and you heard from within. In my deepest trouble          you held me. The arms of your presence enfold me;          they make my world.

O Beloved, all that I taste or see          is your goodness. Living in you          is deep joy.


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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