You are here

  Heavenly Lover, Holy One, you who are the dearness of the world, and the dearness of my soul,

you are here, and I am in you; this moment flows from your heart like light from the sun.

I am the speaking of your Word, this world is the singing of your song, each moment the blossoming of your love.

I give you my mindfulness and all my heart, that this moment, and all this day I may be lovingly present to you.

Every sound calls me to prayer; every silence is your speaking. Clothed in all eternity, you are here.

I am the meadow where you play. Each word and deed is your window out of me onto the world.

You sing in me, and my living is my listening. I live in harmony with your grace, your light unfolding in me.


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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