Psalm 25

To you, O Holy One, I give myself;I pour my soul into yours.

I am as safe as a star shining in your sky; the destroyers of my life can never reach me. Sitting with you in stillness I fill with glory. Those who would assault me leap and fall into an abyss.

Beloved, you are my truth; lead me. You are my path; take me. Be my mind, my heart, my will; for you alone are my life. You are all I wait for; every moment is an opening to you.

Heavenly Lover, your whole heart is mercy; your will is steadfast love: source of the world, it has never failed in all of time or before it.

You see me not through my sins, but through your steady love. You are free from my past, steadfastly faithful to your goodness.

I am alone in the room of my affliction, yet you are present within me; your grace breathes beneath my troubles and bears me out of this narrow place. You know the corpse in me. Bring it to life.

You save us, O God, in all our troubles.

(Ps. 25.1-7, 16-18, 22)

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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