Dearly Beloved,  Grace and Peace to you.


I was in danger, best by a man in armor and a helmet on a strong horse. He pinned me to the ground with a thorny spear and made impossible demands of me. I was helpless and ashamed. I cried out for help.   He laughed at my feeble cry. But then he stopped and raised his head, sensing something. Over the hilltop came a small child, a toddler. The man on the horse froze. Through his mask I could see hie eyes change. Another infant joined the little child, and then a third. They surrounded his horse. They looked up at him solemnly as if they wanted him, as if they needed him.   He fled in terror.  


___________________   Weather Report  

A day of infancy, with periods of disorienting clarity as warm moist layers of your psyche mingle with what you think you're supposed to be doing.  


Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

  ______________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light


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