A prayer for justice

Give our leader your justice, O God, and your righteousness to those in power. May they judge your people with righteousness, and your poor with justice. May the mountains yield prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness. May they defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor. —Psalm 72.1-4

God of eternal justice and mighty grace, may your gentle healing and fierce compassion overthrow those in power, and fill them with your love. May your care for your littlest ones invade our desires, sweep up our leaders, overtake all greed, and transform the power in our hands. May justice be our passion and love our courage. May our leaders guide us in generosity with gentleness, humility and truth. By the self-giving of your grace, may we overthrow all greed and oppression, that none, in using power, may cause another's suffering. We give ourselves to the healing of the earth, that we may be tender with even the mountains and hills. God of mercy, may justice prevail: not that we decide one another's deserving, but that we defend one another's needs, that all may have life, and have it abundantly, in the spirit of your almighty tenderness and grace. Amen.

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light www.unfoldinglight.net

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