Live that

Dearly Beloved, 

Grace and Peace to you.

         There is nothing outside a person          that by going in can defile,          but the things that come out are what defile.          It is from within, from the human heart,          that evil intentions come.                   Mark 7.15, 21


Look within, Jesus says, to the heart. The truth and glory is not in outward appearances, not in the circumstances of your life, the conditions of your body. The failure of your flesh, or even of your mind, does not defile you or make you less sanctified. It is in your heart that evil or goodness lives. The body parts of your lover do not defile you. It is in your hearts for one another, not the shape of your flesh, that love is honored or defiled. Righteousness does not live in your outward religious practice, but in the moment by moment self-giving of your inner truth, receiving as a gift God's own self-giving.


Go into your heart, and open its doors to every good gift from above. Give it space, that you may be slow to anger, and make room for the implanted Word, so that the Word is not what you merely hear, but what you do, what you live, so that the Word is your heart, your inner self.


Receive the gift of God in the heart of your heart; let it become the heart of your heart and live that.




Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve


__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light


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