A meditation on Psalm 104.27-31

          All living beings eat from your hand;     you give and they gather. You open your hand     and we are filled with goodness.                    You hand me my life, each moment a gift.          I trust.... I receive... I am grateful.

When you hide your face     we are dismayed.

         All my anxiety is because I can't see          your invisible face that's always there.          I trust... I close my eyes... I am here.

When you hold your breath     we die and return to dust.

         Each breath, I die.          Then you breathe your breath into me          and you bring me to life.          I breathe... I live... I Am.

Each moment you breathe forth your Spirit and we are re-created;     all the universe is created anew.

         You are always creating the world;          each moment you are creating me.          I breathe in... in your image... I am being formed

May the glory of the Lord endure forever, God's delight in all Creation.

         You delight in me.          I delight in you.          This is eternal life.


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