Born again prayer

         No one can see the Realm of God
         without being born again from above.

                           —John 3.3

God, birth me anew.
Let me start again.
I surrender everything to you:
my life, my aims, my will.
Start me over, fresh,
without guilt or shame or claims.
Let my life spring from you
and you alone,
you the divine flame
and me your light,
issuing from you new each moment.
I receive this glorious life you give me,
new and awkward and still learning.
Let me be vulnerable, a baby in your arms,
utterly dependent, helpless but for you,
trusting and receiving completely.
Water of my flesh and spirit of my God,
birth me into this good world
               and now
                                    and now...

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light